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Engineering eLearning Services - a Comprehensive Package for teaching professionals

The need for learning is so far in excess of local resources that only a concertated capacity building effort combined with the extensive use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) will provide a basis for a significant impact.

Hoffmann&Reif have been engaged for more than ten years in “ICT for Development” programmes. In large scale field projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America they have been implementing eLearning programmes for multipliers in educational institutions. They coached partners in their efforts for building new eLearning related organisations and services and introduced adapted Open Source eLearning technologies when requested.

Shifting from classroom teaching to eTeaching

The “Comprehensive Package for Building eLearning Organisations – CPeO” is a direct result from this engagement:

Teaching staff develop Blended Learning products at their workplaces

This capacity building package is a result of a Public Private Partnership project that has been jointly implemented and refined since 2002 with the German technical development agency GTZ, the German Universities in Furtwangen (Tele-Academy) and Oldenburg (Center for Distance Education) and dozens of educational institutions and consultancies working in more than 20 countries. The package is certified by the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, Germany. It is now available for further distribution and can be booked through Hoffmann&Reif.

Developing an eLearning organisation

By participating in the CPeO programme the following steps are performed in order to build and institutionalize eLearning services:

  1. As a first step a CPeO implementation team develops a tailor made business / sustainability strategy and an eLearning policy in close cooperation with the project implementation team on-site
  2. CPeO participants join an assessment centre
  3. Participants set up the eTeaching and eLearning service infrastructure
  4. Participants build capacities on efficient eLearning methodology for instructional planning, production and delivery
  5. Participants introduce Standard Operating Procedures and monitor the outputs through web-based monitoring and evaluation instruments
  6. Participants migrate their own courseware for eLearning and face-to-face instruction according to standards
  7. Participants practice eTeaching, course management and evaluation
  8. The CPeO implementation team assesses the participants performance continuously and supports the organisational change process

Overview of the organisational change process

The complete process is monitored with the help of transparent web-based instruments. Quality of deliverables is assured through reviews by project consultants and peers.

Combining workplace coaching, learning, infrastructure setup and performance assessment

Coaching and learning for establishing eLearning services

The CPeO ist not just another training programme. It is a multi-dimensional change management activity that leads to the establishment of a new service infrastructure within the participating institutions.

Thus participants are not just enrolled, but - based on a contractual commitment - build incrementally an eLearning service while being coached through the programme. All 40 modules of the package are action oriented and guide the participants through activities that construct not only the capacities for providing eLearning courses but also the organisational as well as technical infrastructure.

Only those participants can be accepted for this programme that have actually the mission to implement eLearning services. All activities towards this goal are monitored and graded and regular feed-back on performance is provided on a weekly basis both to participants and employers.

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